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I'm a director/editor/producer living my Hollywood dream.  I graduated from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts in 2005.  


My main focus is directing, editing, and producing -- in any combination.  I have a handful of short films under my belt and have participated in a number of other large scale projects highlighted by an eight-year gig as an animation production coordinator for three full-length animated feature films for Dreamworks Animation in Glendale, CA. 


My life is devoted to directing, writing, editing, producing, photography, and idea development.  I usually have at least a few ongoing assignments at any given point.  If a project sounds intriguing and presents promise, I am most likely going to try to join your team.  Television and live-action film are my two primary loves and I'm working towards a goal of developing, writing, and directing a feature film idea in addition to developing and fostering a host of smaller television projects.


I'm very proficient with a host of entertainment related software programs such as Final Draft, Adobe Photoshop, Premeire, Lightroom, and After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and all Windows/Mac hardware and software.  I'm plugged into social media and constantly growing with every new trend.




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